Lomond Home and Pet Care
Lomond Home and Pet Care



Home and Pet Care

This is a daily visits service and is ideal for those attending family occasions, going on holiday, into hospital etc. Like all our services, it is tailored to meet the clients individual needs and requirements. The service can include checks on Home Security, Pet care, watering of plants, garden maintenance, putting out refuse etc.




Pet Boarding Service

Dogs, Rabbits, Rats, Birds and Fish are some examples of the pets we can care for while you are away from home.In order to keep your pets routine to as near normal as possible, we would ask, where practical, that you provide all necessary food, bedding, grooming equipment, toys etc. Collection and delivery of pets can be made for a reasonable charge. Most  small pets are boarded in our purpose built lodge at our Dumbarton address. The lodge has built in runs, heating, lighting, music, hot & cold water, a fridge and even a washing machine! Of course we would not expect your pet to do the washing so our lodge staff are there to attend to all their needs and requirements. For rabbits and Guinea Pigs resident at the Pet Lodge we now offer a nail clipping service and the “Full Works”(includes nail clipping, grooming, haircut and de-matting). You will find the cost under “General Charges.

To ensure your pet receives the best care, we strictly limit the number of pets boarded at any one time. For practical reasons, we only board small to medium size dogs. Please enquire if you are unsure.




In-Home Pet Care

We provide this service for those clients who are ill, infirm etc and are unable to fully care for their pets. This service includes cage cleaning, change of pets bedding etc.  

Garden Maintenance service

Garden maintenance to your requirements for those going on holiday, into hospital etc. and for those unable to care for their garden due to disability, infirmness illness and the like.


Void House Service

This service is the answer where a property is going to be unoccupied for a longer period of time than just holidays. We can carry out security checks, take in mail, set heating, maintain the garden and attend to any alarm activations  


All services provided by LHPC are tailored to meet each clients individual needs and accordingly, where appropriate, a visit to your home will be arranged to discuss your requirements and obtain all necessary information prior to the commencement of any assignment.

This visit allows a meeting with any pet(s) and affords the client the opportunity to ask questions, check references, Insurance Cover and suitability of Home sitter etc.

Where a pet is being boarded, the visit would be to the home where the pet would be staying.

All services will incur a SURCHARGE of 50% on Public Holidays

If you are interested in any of our services, or just require further information, please feel free to email, phone or write to Ian at the address given below.

If you are interested in becoming a home or pet sitter, why not email or call Ian for further information.

If you are an honest, trustworthy, fit pet lover with an impecable, checkable background, this could be something you would love doing


.  E-Mail.... info@lhpc.co.uk

LHPC is located at Broomhill Crescent, Alexandria  Tel. 01389 606208 and

Campbell Avenue, Dumbarton Tel 01389 600901 where our small pet lodge is situated,